How to Make a Fully Hosted WordPress Site with Elementor Cloud Website

Do you want to create a website but don't know where to start?

WordPress is a great platform for creating websites, and Elementor is an excellent plugin that makes it easy to design your website visually.

Today Elementor Plugin powers more than 10 million websites all over the world.

With the release of the Elementor Cloud Website, you get all the features of the Elementor PRO plugin plus the built-in hosting powered by Google Cloud Platform with WordPress pre-installed.

In this guide, I will walk you through the process step-by-step of how to make a fully hosted WordPress website with the Elementor Cloud Website from scratch.

After reading this article your will be able to create a website that looks great and performs well.

Let's get started!


Elementor Cloud Website Video Review

If you're a visual learner, here is my video review about Elementor Cloud Website. 

Hosting your site with Elementor Cloud: What to Expect?

As you probably know Elementor Plugin is a drag-and-drop website builder that allows anybody to create beautiful websites without having to code.

Elementor has made it easy for anyone to create a fully functional website on WordPress without having to spend large sums of money on professional web designers or waste hours developing.

Previously, to build a website with Elementor Plugin, you had to acquire your own custom domain name and hosting provider, install a WordPress CMS and theme, and finally install the Elementor page builder to start developing websites without code.

With the recently introduced Elementor Cloud Website, you don't need to do many of those manual and tedious things anymore. By paying an annual subscription of only $99 you get:

  • Fast & reliable hosting built-in
  • A WordPress pre-installed website
  • All Elementor PRO features
  • Free SSL certificate from Cloudflare
  • Daily backups – websites are backed up automatically every night and kept for 14 days. Before installing a new theme or plugin update, you may also make a manual backup point. You may restore any backup at any time from your website management dashboard.
  • 20GB Storage — to keep all your website content
  • 100GB Bandwidth
  • 100K Monthly Visits — measured by the total monthly unique traffic (IPs) to your website on the server
  • 24/7 Premium support

And much more to come.

Elementor's Cloud Website is an ideal alternative for small business owners, bloggers and freelancers who want to focus on building their website hassle-free since they get one cost-effective end-to-end solution.

Elementor Cloud Website

"The Elementor Cloud Website product solves this challenge by providing users with a streamlined package that makes building websites faster and more efficient."

Free and Easy Domain Connection to Elementor Cloud

Every Elementor Cloud Website comes with a free Elementor Subdomain under “”.

However, getting your own custom domain name for your business or personal brand is essential in the online world. With Elementor Cloud hosting you can connect as many custom domains as you need to your Elementor Website for free.

Just click “Manage This Website” in your Elementor Websites Admin. Then, under the “Manage Domains” section click “Add Custom Domain” and follow the steps to edit your domain provider's DNS records.

Loaded with All Elementor PRO Features & Templates Pre-Installed

When you start building your website on Elementor Cloud, not only do you get built-in hosting and pre-installed WordPress, but you also get access to the Elementor’s renowned Drag & Drop Live Editor, Responsive Design, 100+ Widgets, 300+ Templates, 60+ Website Kits, Hello Theme, Theme Builder, Popup Builder, Form Builder, WooCommerce Builder, and much more.

Elementor Cloud Website empowers web creators to focus on what matters — creating their perfect website.

Free SSL Certificated Enabled:

WordPress websites made with Elementor Cloud Website hosting service are automatically equipped with a free SSL certificate from Cloudflare. This means that your website is always served over a secure connection, protecting your site and visitors from potential hackers.

Some of the main benefits of having an SSL certificate are:

– Your website will be ranked higher in search engine results pages (SERPs)

– Visitors will feel more comfortable sharing their personal information with your website

– SSL certificates are now required for all websites that handle credit card information.

Elementor Drag and Drop Builder

Site Lock Feature Option

One of the first things you will notice when you start your first Elementor Cloud Website is that the Site Lock feature is ON by default. This means that search engines won’t start indexing or displaying your site in search results yet, and visitors can only access it with a code.

This option gives you the time to work on your newly created website as long as you need. Once you've built your site using Elemenor PRO features, you can go live by disabling the Site Lock feature under your main Elementor Dashboard.

Daily Backup and Premium Support

The Elementor Cloud Website is backed up automatically every 24 hours. So you can rest assured that all your data is safe and recoverable if anything goes wrong. You can easily export or restore your site to any previous version.

You can also create a new manual backup when you test a new plugin and want to be 100% sure you have a backup of your whole site, should the plugin fail and affect your site.

How to set up a WordPress website with Elementor Cloud

Setting up a WordPress website with Elementor Cloud is an automated process since every Elementor Cloud Website comes with pre-installed WordPress CMS. All you have to do is your Elementor Cloud account.

Once you register and pay for your Elementor Cloud website, you will be redirected to the Elementor Dashboard. You will have the option to login into your WordPress admin by clicking “Open WP Dashboard” which is visible on top of your website tile in Elementor Dashboard.

How to import Premium Elementor Templates

After you log into your WordPress Dashboard you will notice that all Elementor PRO features are already pre-installed. You will see a welcome video from the Elementor Team and a blue button “Start with a Template”.

If you're not on the main page of WordPress Dashboard you can also hover your mouse over “Templates” on the left-hand side WordPress menu and then click “Kit Library”.

Once the Templates Kit Library is open you will see a left-hand side menu with different filter options by Template Category, Tags and Plan. If you've purchased the Elementor Cloud Website you have full access to all paid (Pro & Expert) Templates.

You can hover your mouse on any Template Kit that you like and click “View Demo”. This will start a full-page demo of the selected Template. You can interact with it as with a real website. I'd recommend clicking the top header menu items and checking various pages of the demo like the About and Contact pages.

You will also notice an “Overview” button in the top right corner that will lead you to all the demo template kit pages.

Take some time browsing through Template Kit Library. You can add any Template to your list of favourites by clicking the heart icon.

After you've made your decision on the template that you like, you can import it by clicking the “Apply Kit” green button in the top right corner.

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